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Dr. Marcia S. Kesten


My Current Practice


I began my current practice in Bradford County, PA in June, 2003. I relocated from the University City Region of Philadelphia, PA.

I knew I wanted to offer many different services as I was moving to a rural area that could be deficient in doctors. So I boned up (no pun intended) on anything and everything that would be allowed by my chiropractic scope of practice in Pennsylvania and helpful to the overall health of the citizens in this region.

My chiropractic practice is eclectic. Everything thing about it is low force. I use an instrument called Impulse to adjust with,

or use drop pieces on my chiropractic table. I rarely do manual manipulation but will if necessary on the neck or thoracics. I also use a technique called B.E.S.T. I alluded to this work in “It’s About Time”. This is powerful treatment for post traumatic stress, and any other scenario when your mind or body remembers injury or trauma from your past. For more information, check out this website.

I do nutritional evaluation and recommend eating according to your blood type as presented by Dr. Peter D’adamo. Here are some links to his websites to tell you more.

I have kits on hand for blood typing I can provide to you if you want to type yourself or I can type you for a nominal fee. I also can make supplemental nutritional recommendations as is needed. I mostly use products from Standard Process, ( ), Medi Herb, ( ), and Thorne

Finally, I do CDL exams in my office. I can do the periodic exams for commercial drivers, school bus drivers, and exams to apply for a standard driver’s license