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Dr. Marcia S. Kesten


Chiropractic: Your Best Insurance for Optimum Health

If you are in a chiropractic office you probably have been injured or have just been hurting for a long time. You probably have neck pain, back pain, headaches, sciatica, shoulder pain or some other musculo-skeletal ache or pain.
Chances are that your complaints came on gradually, you had hints of problems long before you made your first appointment. You waited until you couldn’t take it any more.
You’re about to read about a reason this may not be your best move. When Vertebral Subluxation Complex begins, noticeable symptoms may not present themselves for days, weeks, even months. You may lose a little range of motion, feel a little tired, get a little heartburn, miss a day of moving your bowels, etc. Most of us would view any of this as within normal limits.

As an example, 120/80 is normal blood pressure; it is within normal limits for the upper number to range from 100-140, the lower number from 60-90. By design, the blood functions optimally at 120/80. If your blood pressure varies from that, chances are good that your body is in a compensated state suffering with Vertebral Subluxation Complex.

Another interesting “normal” is gall bladder pH. pH, a measurement of hydrogen ion concentration, can vary from pH1 (acid) as in hydrochloric acid to pH8+ (alkaline) as in pancreatic enzymes. Neutral is water pH(7). In order for bile to function in fat metabolism, the pH must be alkaline. As a result of Americans eating primarily acid forming foods, e.g. meat, dairy, fish, chicken as the center of their diet, bile has become acidic. Many of our chronic degenerative diseases begin with faulty fat digestion.

If you look at laboratory standards, gall bladder pH can vary from 5.5 – 8.0 and be considered within normal limits. How can a substance function efficiently both as an acid and an alkali….? It can’t! But values were altered to adjust to the typical population. Why? Why have values as important as blood pressure and gall bladder pH been given ranges of normal if the body by design functions at one normal?

How do you know there are problems if there are no noticeable symptoms? You owe it to yourself to have your spine checked regularly at least once every 4-8 weeks by a qualified chiropractor, the only professional whose primary function is correcting Vertebral Subluxation Complex.

The time to think prevention is now through chiropractic care, a sound exercise program, a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables and adequate rest.